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Experts cafe is an online learning center where you can come, explore and learn new courses from our huge list of elearning courses. We attempt our best to help you make the first stride in developing your skills. Improve your leadership skills, Presentation skills, Social skills and many other skills using our elearning courses. Our online courses are intended to help you comprehend and apply the learning in a real time situation.

Our online courses use multimedia to train personnel on technical subjects. Our courses are designed to better explain concepts and support the learning experience with the use of senses other than just sight. Learners can create more cognitive paths allowing quicker retrieval of information.


Welcome to Experts Cafe forums, where millions of members gather from around the world to discuss and share their learning experiences. As a learning tool, online discussion forums are proving to be powerful tools to increase student participation and subject engagement. Hence we encourage you all to participate in our online forums and start sharing your knowledge


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Many time based quizes are available for you to test your knowledge on various topics. These Quizes are free to use. So don't wait and start testing your knowledge.