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Do you want to learn How to write PCR in SAP HR?

In SAP, PCR rules plays a vital role in the SAP HR Payroll module. SAP PCR writing skills have become an imperative skill, without which it is hard to either secure a job or to deliver solutions to the client. So if you dont know How to write PCR in SAP HR then your performance is at risk.

What is SAP PCR rules?

Let us first understand what is PCR in SAP HR? SAP PCR or SAP Personnel Calculation rules is a set of conditions and operations which delivers the customized calculations or checks. So these SAP PCR operations are combined together to deliver the required output.

For example, If a company have different payment policies for Part time and Full Time employees, then it becomes cumbersome to calculate payments for each set of employees separately. To save time and to maintain accuracy, we need system to decide if an employee is a part time or a full time employee and accordingly pay the employees.

To accommodate this scenario, SAP has provided a functionality termed as PCR (Personnel Calculation Rules). For all generic calculations such as Pro-ration, payment cumulation an so on, SAP has already provided standard rules. So we need not worry on writing rules for every policy that a company has.

However, there are few polices which are not generic and are different from company to company. In such cases, we will need to write custom SAP PCR rules. If you dont know how to  write a PCR in SAP HR, then it is high time you add this skill to your profile. PCR in SAP HCM is a hot skill in the current market and candidates who know how to write PCR in SAP HR have got highest chances of getting hired. Candidates with experience in PCR in SAP for Payroll module is hard to find these days. So if you dont know How to write PCR in SAP HR then we have a course for you.

SAP HCM PCR Training Course:

You can acquire this skill for just $20 through Experts Cafe course “Learn How to write PCR in SAP”. This course covers all standard PCR’s and will also teach you steps to write PCR in SAP HR.

In this course (Learn How to write PCR in SAP HR), Standard PCR rules are covered, followed by four custom PCR’s writing. Below is list of topics that are covered in this course.

  1. PCR X010
  2. PCR X013
  3. PCR X930
  4. PCR X015
  7. PCR X023
  8. Valuation Basis
  9. Custom PCR creation


Post completion of this course, you will be able to write PCR’s on your own without any help. This course will transform you into a Payroll PCR expert. For any queries or feedback on this course, please write in to us at contact@expertscafe.com. Our team will get back to you within 1 working day.

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  1. Excellent

    Training is excellent and so are the examples. Really helpful course for anyone looking at mastering PCR’s. Good job 🙂

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