PTE Academic Speaking Personal Coaching

PTE( Pearson Test of English) Academic consists of 4 sections. Out of which PTE Academic Speaking module requires a lot of practice and accuracy. Many students are unable to score 65+ in speaking due to few very common mistakes, which if corrected can help them boost their score by 30-40%. In addition to this, by adopting few proven methods scoring 65+ will not be a tough task.

In this course, our trainer will explain you proven methods, tips & tricks to get the desired score in the speaking section. As your speaking test is evaluated by the system, so it is imperative that you know What you speak and How you speak. So we have designed this course, keeping in mind common errors committed by the students.

PTE Academic speaking module coaching will last for 10 session, in which we will cover all 5 sections of the speaking module, that is, Read aloud, Repeat sentence, Describe Image, Retell lecture and answer short questions.

Before enrolling for this course, please ensure that you mail us at and confirm on the available timings.

How will I be benefited?

Our trainers have proven experience in Language tests and with their rich experience, they will share some of most effective tips with which you will be able to score 65+ in the speaking section.

How to make the Payment?

You can make the payment by clicking on the ‘Take this course’ button or CLICK HERE to watch step by step video

How to attend the session?

Once the payment is done, a google hangout link will be shared, through which online training will be conducted.

What is the course duration?

Course will last for 10 days with 1 hour session being conducted daily.(Days and time should be discussed before hand)


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  • $110.00
  • 10 Days

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