How to prepare for PTE Academic Test

How to prepare for PTE Academic Test

How to prepare for PTE Academic Test? Does this question still haunts you? If Yes, then don’t worry, you are not the only one. Almost everyone will have this question in mind when they plan to write PTE Academic test. PTE Academic test have four sections(Listening, Writing, Reading & Speaking) and your English language skills will be judged on different parameters such as pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and so on. Before PTE Academic, as we all know monopoly was with IELTS. But then PTE entered and changed the complete game. PTE brought back smiles on the faces of all those who were struggling to get 7 bands in IELTS. I still get a lot of questions from the students asking which test is the easiest. From what I have seen both have worked for students, but again it depends upon students strong areas. I will soon write another post on the difference between these two tests, then it will be easy for the student to choose the test that better works for him. But for now, I will share with you how you can allocate your time for PTE Academic test preparation.

PTE Academic Test

1.Understanding PTE Academic Test :
It is imperative that you know how PTE Academic Test works. This includes knowing the test pattern, different sections that are involved, how each of these sections are scored and time allocated to each of these sections. This will work as a base for your preparation. Without this blueprint, you will end up running from pillar to post in finding reasons for your low score. If foundation of your preparation is strong, you will increase your chances of cracking PTE Academic Test in just one go. So spend some time in visiting Pearson’s official website and learn more about PTE Academic Test. The more you research, the more you know.
2.  Identify you weak areas:
Once you have enough information on how PTE Academic test works, then comes the time to start researching on yourself. Now that you know about all four sections in PTE Academic. Start identifying sections in which you are strong or weak. Prepare a simple table with two columns(Strong areas & Weak areas) and start listing your strong and weak areas. This will give you crystal clear picture of the sections you need to spend more time on.
To identify weak areas, try taking up PTE Academic Practice test. This will not only help you identify your weak areas but will also give you real time test experience. Experts Cafe offers below practice tests for the students.
3. Find a Mentor
After identifying the weak areas, you will need to start working on improving it. If you believe that practicing in isolation will help you convert your weak areas into strong areas, then probability of that happening is very low. When it comes to a test where you have your dream attached to it, I would suggest don’t leave any stones unturned. It is highly recommended that you find a trainer who can analyse your weak areas and accordingly help you improve your score in those sections.  This gives you an opportunity to get your doubts clarified instantly and you can start working on it. There are many groups on Facebook where students try to clarify their doubts, but most of the suggestions are either not effective or not posted on time. Instead of getting feedback or suggestions from the students, try finding a trainer who can help you effectively and instantly.
You can also consider online training from Experts Cafe where you will be trained by a certified trainer from Pearson.
Experts Cafe 8 days Weekend Training
Experts Cafe 3 weeks Personal Training
4. Practice makes a man perfect:
Consider any exam on this planet, but without this unique fuel(Practice) your dream vehicle will not move even an inch. So give your best in ensuring that your dream vehicle’s tank is full with this fuel. Only then you will be able to reach your destination on time. If your tank is not full, then be ready to waste huge amount of time searching for gas stations in middle of no where. This is the situation where you can’t even go back and move forward. You may like adventure, but I bet you don’t want to experience this kind of adventure with your dream. So pull up your socks and be ready to invest a minimum of 3-4 hours daily for at least 45-60 days.
I have had queries from students on crash courses. They wanted to learn tips one week before the exam so that they can get their desired score in the exam. But just getting tips will not help you. Until and unless you implement these in your daily practice, then even the most effective tips will fail to boost your score. So plan ahead and start practicing minimum a month before the test.
5. Target your score:
We all have a score to achieve in PTE Academic. Few need more than 50 or 60 or 70. It differs from person to person. But it is imperative that you target a score for yourself. Say for example, you want to immigrate to Australia and need 65 in all sections to get that extra 10 points. In such scenarios, never ever target your score for 65, but keep a target score of at least 75. When you target 75 as your score you will work much harder to get that score. Best case you will score between 70-75 and worst case scenario you will score somewhere between 65-70. But if you keep 65 as your target score then in best case score will be around 65(+ /-) and worst case scenario you will score between 55-60 and that’s what I have seen with majority of students. They all get stuck somewhere nearer to their desired score, as they had their desired score as their target score. Always target for 10 points more than your desired score.
6. Preparation on the Test day and the day before:
Finally the day has arrived, for which you have been waiting for so long.  One day before the test, just quickly go through the tips and do some final preparation. Don’t spend more than 2 hours on that. Post lunch, just relax and give yourself a treat for all the hard work that you have done. Go with a positive mindset that this is your day and you are getting your desired score. NEVER EVER go with a doubt in your mind, as that will bring down your confidence and it will have direct impact on our score. So feel like a winner to be a winner.
Hope these 6 steps will help you plan your PTE Academic Test  and I would like to wish BEST OF LUCK to all PTE aspirants.
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August 3, 2016

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